What am I talking about this time: DC Comics, Batman #53: Cold Days, Part 3

Written by: Tom King

Art by: Lee Weeks

Cover by: Lee Weeks

Variant cover by: Olivier Coipel

Overall Review: 2.5 out of 5 Batsuits

Is it worth $3.99? Yeah, I guess so. If you’ve invested this far, might as well keep at it.

Spoiler Free Review:

Up until this point, I’ve defended Tom King’s “Cold Days” assuming there was some kind of bigger payoff, but that doesn’t seem to be happening, folks. I like the idea of what Tom King is trying to accomplish with this arc, but I think he built it on the wrong foundation. Examining Bruce’s anger and hurt from the fallout of Catwoman, is a great story concept, but I don’t think the jury setting supported the idea the way King wanted it to. The set-up is too big for a bottle story, the follow-through is too bland to hold my attention, and there’s too many threads floating around begging to be pulled to ignore. The art is fantastic, the dialogue is beautiful poetry (literally), and the emotional core has a strong heartbeat… it’s just the wrong lens in which to tell this story.

Spoilery Review:

The entire issue takes place in jury room as Bruce Wayne equates his view of Batman to religion as he persuades the Jury to change their minds and find Freeze Not Guilty. Eventually, he breaks it down to Batman is a man, not a god, and capable of mistakes, and just because Batman saw freeze as guilty, doesn’t mean they should. For no real good reason, other than ignoring evidence, the jury eventually agrees and Mr.Freeze is freed. Bruce decides that he needs to get back to the basics and brings back his old batsuit.

This description is bland because that is what happens in the book, however, the writing, dialogue, and narration are beautifully scripted. It just didn’t fit with the story. The idea of bringing back the batsuit is a great one and I hope this heads back to a place where Batman stories can thrive, it just wasn’t in the cards for this setting.