As long as there is Star Wars, there will be Star Wars fan theory. And why not? It’s fun to speculate. It both provides fans the chance to showcase their creativity, and it gives us something to do while we wait for the next film. I’d be lying if I said we’re not guilty of it here at That Hashtag Show. I recently presented a theory about Rey’s lineage. Two, actually.

Sometimes, however, fan theory may be a little off-base. Example: the fan theory that Rey is Qi’ra’s daughter by Han Solo. A great idea, but unlikely. Han last saw Qi’ra well before the Battle of Yavin. That would make Rey at least a decade older than Ben Solo when she is, in fact, a decade younger. Another recent fan theory, about the use of a clone army in Star Wars Episode IX, is equally unlikely.

Fan Theory

Not all Fan Theory is Created Equal.

Apparently, Reddit user Animation_Bat theorizes that Kylo Ren will utilize a clone army to replace the First Order’s Stormtroopers. The theory, as We Got This Covered tells us, centers on one line from The Force Awakens.

When they learn of Finn’s desertion, Ren says to Hux “perhaps Leader Snoke should consider using a clone army.” We all know that line was nothing more than Ren’s childish jab at Hux to get under his skin. To suggest Ren will use a clone army in Episode IX ignores all canon fact about clones.

Episode II informed us that clones, even at a vastly accelerated pace, still need a decade or better to fully mature. Unless Snoke already had a program in place as a back-up, or there’s been a gigantic leap forward in cloning technology, this theory is a no-go from the start. That, or there would have to be at least a 10 year jump between Last Jedi and Episode IX. That’s not happening, either.

The kicker of this fan theory? Boba Fett serves as the genetic source code. Boba Fett, as in the bounty hunter presumed dead over thirty years prior. Fett, who even if alive, has had no presence in the galaxy since ROTJ. Fett, who would be 70 years old by this time. And let’s be real – Boba Fett talked back to Darth Vader. Do you think he would put up with a petulant poser like Kylo Ren?

Sorry gang. Theorizing is one thing. This? If you believe this theory, I’ve got a bridge to sell you on Batuu. Cheap.

SOURCE: We Got This Covered