Top 5 Ways To Watch Star Wars At Home Or At Theaters

It’s not just about the movies, it’s about sharing the experience. There are many ways to  enjoy the films, from the comfort and warmth of your home, to a reclining chair in an air conditioned theater. From a popcorn and soda, to pizza and a cold beer. Know matter how you choose to enjoy it, there are several ways in which the experience can be even better.

5. Solo. If you love it, and enjoy it, and nothing will stand in your way from watching it..then who needs anyone else. Watch it alone at home, with a cold beer, the surround sound turned up, your favorite collectibles hanging on the wall. Or watch it at the theater…no matter if your the only one in the screening room, or a packed house of strangers around can enjoy Star Wars with the one and only you. Because at the end of the day…if you’re happy, you’re happy.