Top 5 Ways To Watch Star Wars At Home Or At Theaters


3. Best Friend(s). Call up the bro’s, or the girls, or hell both of them, lay out a spread of goodies, and let the marathon begin. Ain’t no party like a Star Wars party ’cause a Star Wars party don’t stop. Or do what I did for “Rogue One”..take you’re best homey with you, sneak in a huge flask of Jaegermesiter and a few beers, and let the good times begin–10pm, 1st showing, dolby digital atmos 360 surround sound, knock a few back. 1:30am, 2nd showing, IMAX, buzz kicking in. 4am, 3rd showing, 3D IMAX, drinks gone–now 6am, cab home. STAR WARS RULES!