Top 5 Ways To Watch Star Wars At Home Or At Theaters


1. With Your Parents. Tying into the previous entry, this is one better way you can enjoy the galaxy far, far away…with Mom and Dad, (or whomever you may call family). In 1977, when I was 5, my parents took me to see the first Star Wars movie. It was a moment I’ll never forget. And in December of 2015, (yes we saw the prequel movies as well), 38 years after the first time “May The Force Be With You” was uttered on the big screen, I took my parents to see “The Force Awakens”, and it was like an amazing cycle of life coming together.

So with your kids, or your family and friends, or just a cool night alone…there are so many ways to enjoy and share the universe that has taken us all on the journey of a lifetime. And as always…

May The Force Be With You!!