Spoilers Abound here guys!

DC Comics dropped Batman #53 this week and along with it, Batman’s old duds from his 2002 Hush series. In the series, it’s a chance for Bruce to get back to basics after Catwoman leaves him heartbroken when she ran from him on what should have been their wedding night. Check Out The New-Old Bat duds above.

Batman scribe Tom King set that stage for this back in July as San Diego Comic-Con, saying “he no longer wants to wear the same costume he wore when he was with Catwoman.” So, gone are the yellow outlines on the belt and bat-symbol, and back are the black underoos. The new belt is more tactical and pouch-y and although based on the Hush series, the Bat-emblem is thinner and his cowl edges sharper, hearkening back to the original-original (1939) Bat-suit outfit.

In this back-to-basics suit, Batman will team back with Dick Grayson as the Dynamic Duo spend some quality time together, fighting crime, since Bruce’s engagement to Selina. We get a better look at the suit and a hint at the story in a coming Batman #55 cover.

The change of costume comes at the end of the issue where Batman admits to Alfred, “I’m lost” shortly asking him to “prepare the… original suit.” This all happens at the end of Bruce’s turn as a Jury member for a Batman case where he sees how Batmanf has let his pain and anger take control after a vicious beating of Mr. Freeze. It’s a pretty emotional moment in the arc.

I get the sentiment, in college, I had a roommate who wore her boyfriend’s Patriot’s gear a lot. After they broke up for the third time, she burned that shirt and a few other things in a garbage can behind the library. Campus Security chased her around a bit, but, just like Batman and Catwoman, I have a sneaking suspicion those two are gonna hook up again before it’s all over.