Like or hate the direction in which Disney has taken Star Wars, at least one thing has remained constant: the commitment to keeping fans involved. As in years past, the studio is once again soliciting examples of fan creativity, this time for Star Wars Fan Awards 2018.


STar Wars Fan Awards

This year’s awards program is a bit of a departure from, and expansion of, what Lucasfilm has done in the past. Previously deemed the Star Wars Fan Film Awards, the creativity contest focused solely on fan-made films taking place within the Star Wars universe. In most cases, fan submissions have been exemplary and surprisingly well made.

The 2016 prize-winning TK-436: A Stormtrooper Story is a prime example of the type of fan product you can expect. The twelve-minute film, a “gritty tale of a loyal Imperial Stormtrooper who is forced to confront his past in the heat of an epic battle”, won the 2016 Filmmaker Select Award at Star Wars Celebration Europe:

Star Wars Fan Awards 2018 to Include New Categories

This year, the Star Wars Fan Awards have expanded to encompass not only films, but also other means of artistic expression. Categories now include Long Video (5 minutes or less); Short Video (15 seconds or less); Visual Art (which includes, among other subcategories, digital, poster, traditional and physical art, plus even cosplay!); and Photos (scene-inspired, family portrait, throwback, pet photography and original concepts).

Star Wars Fan Awards

Image: Lucasfilm ltd.

The new Visual Art category finally opens up the Star Wars Fan Awards to non-moving medium artists, like artist Kyle Duca, allowing them to showcase their skills on an international level. I’d imagine cosplayers everywhere are rejoicing at the category’s inclusion as well.

There is still one glaring omission from the Star Wars Fan Awards program, however. Much to this writer’s dismay, a “Fan Fiction” category still remains decidedly absent. Notwithstanding, Disney and Lucasfilm film did expand the categories to include Visual Art and Photos. Perhaps there’s hope for my growing volume of Star Wars fan fiction yet.

Star Wars Fan Awards

“The Big Picture” – Winner of Best Animation at Star Wars Fan Film Awards 2016

One thing on the contest, though: If you’re part of the grassroots movement to remake The Last Jedi, I don’t think that’s what the judges had in mind. The fan-made poster for the proposed remake, on the other hand? Now that might just garner some votes.

If you want to participate, the submission period for Star Wars Fan Awards 2018 closes September 17. Good luck!

SOURCE: Star Wars