Microsoft is preparing to launch a subscription/payment plan bundle that includes an Xbox One (either the S or x), Xbox Live, and the Xbox Game Pass. The contract would run for 24 months and depending on the console you choose, the monthly cost will be in the neighborhood of $22 for the Xbox One S or $35 for the Xbox One X.

At the end of the period, you will have paid a total of either $528 or $840. Is this a good deal? Are you saving any money or are you paying the same thing? Let’s take a look. The least expensive Xbox One S runs about $230 from The Microsoft Store while the One X runs just about $500. Xbox Live retails at $60 for 12 months and the Xbox Game Pass is $10 a month. For two years, that comes to a total of $360, adding in the consoles, that brings your totals to either $590 for the S or $860 for the X.

Xbox Game Pass - Master Chief

These are both good deals. Over the course of the two year period you’re saving almost $60 over the cost with the One S bundle or $20 with the One X bundle. While prices for the consoles will most likely drop over the course of your contract, just like with any payment plan, you’re getting the item for the cost it was when you made the deal. So saving a bit of money up front isn’t a bad incentive.

No launch date has been revealed or whether the One S included would be a 500GB model or a 1TB model, but Windows Central is predicting the service will be launching in the near future. This isn’t the first time Microsoft has tried this type of service, back in 2012, they offered a reduced price Xbox 360 for $99 if you signed up for Xbox Live for two years at $15 a month.

So, what do you guys think? Would you rather pay for your console over the course of 2 years or would you rather pay for the whole thing all up front?

*We have reached out to Microsoft for additional information and confirmation and will update this story as new information is released.

SOURCE: Windows Central