Interview With Jon and Mark about their Indiegogo Project GRAVEYARD SHIFT



“Murdered scientists, put into their own experiments are reborn as the super-powered GRAVEYARD SHIFT!”

Hitting their funding goal of $5,000 in 70 minutes, Mark Poulton (Savage Hawkman, Pizza Tree) and Jon Malin’s (Cable, ThunderboltsGraveyard Shift has soared to over $20,000 in 2 days and is currently trending on Indiegogo.

With funding met, the creators have announced stretch goals, one of which has already been reached. Jon Malin announced, they would upgrade the paper stock for the cover, interiors and add a spine to the 46-page graphic novel at $20,000 funded. At $40,000, an exclusive to the campaign Graveyard Shift trading card will be added. Regular reward tiers include a 16-page ashcan comic featuring artwork from newcomer Nerd Wonder, sketches from Malin, t-shirts and the limited original 2011 preview book.

Interview with Jon and Mark

I chatted with writer Mark Poulton and artist Jon Malin about their project, that they describe as “Universal Monsters/ X-Men mash-up.”

Ryan: What is Graveyard Shift about and what inspired you to come up with the idea?

Mark: Jon and I have best been describing it as what if the Universal Monsters were the X-Men. Scientists Vladimir Blud, Lilith Mayhew and her husband, head of security Mick Mayhew are working on advance human regeneration for the mysterious ATLANTIS CORPORATION. Betrayed, murdered and put into their own experiments, they are reborn with superhuman abilities. They are the GRAVEYARD SHIFT and they are all that can stop a rising supernatural evil from taking over the world! The inspiration for the story is everything Jon and I loved growing up. 90s superhero comics, sci-fi, horror!

Jon: We embrace the 90’s influences because they are commercial influences. The most successful people in comics to this day are large “90’s” guys. “90’s” got a bad name from writers and editors that hated the success they felt the artists of that time had over their own.

Ryan: Watching the YouTube clip, it seems like a lot to unpack in 46 pages. Did writing it ever feel overwhelming or confusing?

Mark: Not at all. This is book 1 of 2, so there’s still more of the story to come. Plus as an artist, Jon is a great storyteller so even though it may seem like a lot to take in with 46 pages, nothing seems cramped or rushed. We’ve had 8 years to work on this and over the years it has taken on different incarnations along the way to get it just right.

Ryan: Will it wrap up in the second book or are you hoping the story sparks a series?

Mark: We’ll definitely wrap up the main story, but the characters and universe are so rich we can do way more. We’ve actually already started talking about the possibility of doing satellite books that take place in the universe and giving aspiring creators a chance to work on those projects.

Ryan: Is it only available on Indiegogo or will it be available at cons or an online store as well?

Jon: We will have a set print run, we may have small overprint amount to take care of any damaged orders we may get, we may offload extra’s at cons but once that run is gone it’s gone.

Ryan: Is this your first project together?

Jon: I pitched in on Mark’s AVENGYLINE run for Image but largely yeah.

Ryan: You’ve been working together on this for 8 years, how much input did you have on the writing?

Jon: It’s a collaboration on the plot and overall development of GRAVEYARD SHIFT, Mark is the writer, if I see something I’ll suggest, same with him on the art.

Ryan: Were you illustrating over the years or did you wait for a final script?

Mark: It was done kind of Marvel method with us agreeing on plot and Jon then penciling. As the pages came in, I started scripting the dialogue. That’s the way I’ve always preferred working, as I think it makes for a truly collaborative effort with like Jon said, he suggesting things along the way and his art sparking ideas I may not have thought of at first.

Graveyard Shift runs on Indiegogo until September 20th with an expected release date of February 2019.

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