Star Wars: Seven Ways to Improve the SWU Going Forward


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The Star Wars Universe (SWU) is in chaos.  Many of its films are frozen.  What is coming down the pipe is no longer certain.  It is the end of Star Wars – no.  Things are being shaken up, but I do not think Star Wars is in the dire straights many say it is, or perhaps even Iger and Co. think.  If bad decisions are made, things could get much worse.  If the right choices are made, the SWU is just fine.  Here are seven simple fixes that would kick the SWU back into lightspeed.

See the source image#1 – STORY OVER SEER – Set quality aside as people will not change their mind.  This latest trilogy suffers from lack of foresight.  I personally love The last Jedi as a movie.  The problem is that as a trilogy it doesn’t fit very well.  You cant do movie 1, have movie 2 week later, then have movie 3 jump years ahead in an attempt to wrap up the trilogy.  Either the trilogy happens in a short amount of time, or it must be spread out.

What the SWU needs is a story overseer to help guide the story and even it out.  Directors still need their freedoms in story telling, but there needs to be someone in charge saying where the next movie needs to be and what it must cover.  Whether it is the individual director of the entire trilogy such as what Rian Johnson is attempting to do, or an outside source, it will make stories flow more smoothly from movie to movie and series to series.  The best example is of course Kevin Feige of the Marvel Universe.  Many would suggest Dave Filoni.  He would be great, but I would want to keep his talent behind the camera.

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#2 – PUBLIC LIASON – Kathleen Kennedy is a divisive figure.  She has made some mistakes, but she has corrected every single one of them.  I for one do not think she needs to be fired as there is no guarantee the next person will be better (ask DCEU).  However, she is the face people want to blame for what they don’t like.  If she is to stay on running Lucasfilm, She would benefit greatly from having someone to be the new mouthpiece for the SWU that fans can relate too.  While I doubt she would take the job, one of the first voices/faces that pops to mind would be Ashley Eckstein.  She is a great speaker, and fans adore her.

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#3 – END THE SKYWALKERS – This one may indeed be happening if rumors are to be believed.  We have too much ‘This isn’t my Luke’ going on.  People want the people they came to know in the Legends Universe.  This ties creators hands  to tell new stories.  If Lucasfilm moves away from the Skywalkers and everything we know or think we know, creators are free to create new stories and characters unhindered.  This is perhaps the biggest argument for The Old Republic to be made real.