Star Wars: Seven Ways to Improve the SWU Going Forward


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#7 DECEMBER – Get the movies back to December where it belongs.  The old May release is from an age that no longer exists.  Movies have changed far too much.  Summer blockbusters are no longer held within a four month time frame and Memorial Day Weekend is now a horrid time for mega movies.  The new Star Wars has branded December as its prime slot…But will Iger listen?

This is my biggest fear and another major reason why I do not like the Disney/Fox merger.  Disney now has so many major franchises to juggle, each franchise may be assigned a month/slot, and it will have to sink or swim in that slot.  Disney generally likes to hold December for its family films, which is why Iger refused to move Solo to December.  He had to protect Mary Poppins.  Disney now has to find a home for Avatar’s bloated presence as well.  If Episode 9 is any type of disappointment, don’t be surprised if Avatar and Star Wars end up going every other year, or Star Wars it shelved until Avatar tanks.