POWER RANGERS 25th Anniversary special Sneak Peek!


With the release of the sneak peek of next week’s episode 25th Anniversary episode, “Dimensions in Danger” we get a better idea of who is returning, if you haven’t scoured the net for spoilers.

Obviously we have the Ninja Steel Rangers and starting in “chronological order” we can start off with Wes Collins from Power Rangers Time Force taking the lead of the group as any good Red Ranger should. Followed up by the fairer half of the Boom Twins Gemma played by Li Ming Hu from Power Ranger RPM. WHat nice if they gave her a bit of an update to her track suit civis. Finally Yoshi Sadarso is back as our favorite lovable strong man cave man Koda, albeit with and glaringly obvious wig. I wonder what color it was under there?

After out Rangers get ambushed on bridge or dam, a stranger disturbance bolts thru and takes out the Kudabots and Cannon. we come to find out (dont be surprised) IT’S TOMMY!!! BUT he’s rocking the Black Dino Thunder suit, and I was most impressed by this, even wearing a civilian black shirt to match!

Now for the pick apart:

Up till the “Mysterious Figure sequence” there was nothing wrong with this. Upon further inspection there are some inconsistencies

  1. Tommy DID have invisibility as his Dino Gem power. BUT it was a civilian power not a morphed power.
  2. He was way too fast even if he was morphed! Did he stack his old turbo powers with his dino powers?
  3. Hardcore fans are going to notice the Brachio Staff is WAY to big!

We have come to understand that this episode is going to confirm the idea of different dimensions in Power Rangers. So maybe at some point Tommy did keep his Turbo powers? I personally was freaking out thinking its was The Phantom Ranger, till it was just JDF. the only other thing is with the internet and the commercial we have some grasp of what the plot is going to be. Did we really need a 2 min sneak peek of a 22 minute episode? Hopefully this was the tip of the iceberg and we get a morphenominal episode.

What are you looking forward to from this episode? Are there any loose ends that you want tied up over the past 25 years. For me I want to see Koda and Preston have a 4th wall moment for obvious reasons. Leave your comments below and tune into Nickelodeon on Aug @ 8pm EST for a very special episode.

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