Paramount Pictures continues on with it’s casting for the long awaited Top Gun sequel and with that we have received the next few names who will be joining the cast for the second time round.

The news came from Deadline who reported that Paramount are looking to add some star power to the film so they have casted these three major actors in key roles in the film. Jon Hamm (Mad Men, Baby Driver), Ed Harris (Westworld, Geostorm) and Lewis Pullman (Bad Times At The El Royale). These three actors are aiming to raise the bar for this movie and will be acting alongside Tom Cruise himself.

There is currently no word as to what characters these actors will be portraying in the film.

Hamm, Harris and Pullman join Tom Cruise and many others who have already been cast for this movie. These include Val Kilmer returning as Iceman and a plethora of others like Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Glen Powell and more.

Plot details are thin on the ground at the moment however it is rumoured to take place in the modern world where the world of fighter pilots has been taken over by drones and remote piloting. We will be sure to see how this change in the world has effected and changed characters like Cruise’s Maverick and Kilmer’s Iceman as the years have progressed.

Production for the film is underway with minor filming with Tom Cruise going on. Full principle photography should commence once the film is fully cast and all members are on set. Top Gun: Maverick is set to be directed by Joe Kosinski and written by Peter Craig. Jerry Bruckheimer is set to produce alongside Tom Cruise.