In recent news, Oscar Isaac has been in talks with Warner Bros and DC for a “mystery” role in Matt Reeve’s The Batman. This has led some fans to believe that he could be up for replacing Ben Affleck in the role of The Caped Crusader.

Thanks to Boss Logic, we can see what Oscar Isaac would potentially look like should he take up the role of Batman.

There is no doubt that Oscar looks like a pretty intense and driven Dark Knight. Many people are saying that he closely resembles the Bruce Wayne from The Batman Arkham trilogy, which is definitely very exciting. You can see that he would be a good fit for the Bat Suit and he definitely has the talent to boot.

This would also line up with the rumour that Matt Reeves is looking to cast a younger Bruce Wayne in order to do a prequel Batman story. The film will definitively take place within the ‘Worlds Of DC‘ cinematic universe and will take elements from Batman: Year One, but will not be a straight adaption.

Oscar Isaac is currently filming Star Wars Episode IX however once the filming for that has wrapped up, he should be free to move on to other projects.

Matt Reeves has stated that the script is not fully completed yet so the film is still a while off. However we can infer that the movie will be going into production next year for a potential 2020 release with The Flash movie and potentially the Birds Of Prey film too. However there is no doubt that Oscar would be a good fit for the role.