After reading Marvel’s one-shot story Star Wars Becket #1 written by Gerry Duggan, you couldn’t help but think you were in the wild west of Star Wars. No there was no Cad Bane, but when you opened that cover and saw that wanted poster with Beckett on it you knew you were going to be in for a wild ride. If you have seen “Solo: A Star Wars Story” you know this took place before Han ran into Becket and his crew. What we do get is three action pack stories with Beckett, Val, and Rio doing what they do best, hustling people.

Warning Spoilers Ahead !


“The Man in Black”

The first story “The Man in Black” is set on Hovun IV. This is where we get our first look of Beckett and his crew. Beckett dressed as dark mysterious figure walks into a cantina during a game of Sabacc that Rio is playing in. Rio telling the other players that he is there for him, begins to beg for forgiveness. They end up scaring everyone off and walking out with all the credits. We also find out that they are there to look for a person name Dvorad, his ship and some blank I.D Chips.


“To Live and Die On Hovun IV”

“To Live and Die on Hovun IV” is the next story. After a fight with Dvorad they find his ship and Beckett decides he’s going aboard to get what they came for. Again, Beckett runs into more trouble and barely escapes. Here we get to see a little more of Val and her concern of the mission. She also talks about responding to a transmission from Dryden Vos. Beckett also has thoughts of keeping some of the cargo for themselves, but the crew thought differently

“You and the Bantha You Rode On.”

The third and final story is “You and the Bantha You Rode On.” Before you get to excited, no we don’t have a bunch of space cowboys riding around on Banthas. Yes I was disappointed as well. What we do get in this story is Beckett and his crew finding trouble as they always do. This time it with his rival Enfys Nest. She was able to trick them in thinking that the transmission they received came from Dryden. Instead of giving up his score Beckett blows up the ship and walks away.


Overall this comic was a great read. All the stories were written by Duggan so they flowed into each other without skipping a beat. This comic didn’t give us anything new on Beckett. But it did give us more insight on how Val and Rio fit in the story. The cover art was done by John Tyler Christopher and has that western look to it. This is a good filler story leading up to the next comic release in October “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” Let me know what you thought about Beckett #1. You can do that by hitting me up on Twitter @starwarsnerd574.