Sci-fi To Watch This Fall


The fall line up is coming!

Now that summer hell has almost passed up by, we sci-fi geeks have so much to look forward to in this upcoming season.  Some shows promise to be awesome, while others may be looking at a last season.  The U.S.S. Hype ship is about to leave orbit.

Star Trek: Discovery (CBS All Access)

Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 was a smash success (comparatively to other Star Trek series in their season 1).  While the journey was weird in plot problems, plainly stupid tech that shouldn’t exist, a redesign of Klingons, and show runner musical chairs got in the way of a stellar stellar opening, We should hopefully see some more stability in the series in season 2.  If not, we may find a fan boy revolt on our hands.

Hype Engine: 9.8

Star Trek: Short Treks (CBS All Access)

Can’t wait for the next season to be a thing? CBS is testing shorter episodes on CBS all access.  The initial run is 4 episodes of 10 – 15 minute stories to tell a deeper narrative of the world around the disco.  One character confirmed to be on an episode is Rainn Wilson’s character Harvy Mudd (*cough* the best character on the show *cough*).  But to be hyped about what is basically a web series of the show while we wait? Not a bad idea, but I believe it’s being done to cover the major issues in season 1.

Hype Engine: warp 6

The Orville (Fox)

The Star Trek-esque series you never knew you wanted is also going into season 2, and with a mighty mighty budget to back it up.  The Orville season 2 dropped at comicon this year, and it doesn’t disappoint.  To get a full breakdown of what to expect, check out the article on it here.

Hype Engine: 9.8

The 100 (CW)

the 100 has been on my streaming cue for 100 years with no immediate need to delve into it, but the premise is cool.  It’s a survival sci-fi about humans returning to earth after exile from it.  This fall it’s going into season 6, almost unheard of for a modern day Scifi (RIP forever firefly).  I’m not exactly on this hype ship but there are die-hard fans who are a crazy for this show.

Hype Engine: Warp 6

Nightflyers (Syfy)

This is a new IP coming out from Syfy.  It’s about a group of scientists and a telepath who venture out on The Nightflyer in the hope of making contact with alien life.  Based off a George R. R. Martin book?  Already worth a season watch.  Try not to get too attached…Syfy likes to kill series that people love.

Hype Engine: 5.5

The First (Hulu)

A series about the first manned mission to mars.  It looks dark, and looking to prey upon the human condition starring Sean Penn.  Sounds like an awesome watch, though not a lot of hype for Sean Penn.  However, it seems like the kind of role he could do justice to.

Hype Engine:6.1

Future Man (Hulu)

The first Season of Future Man was Funny, quirky, and a breath of fresh air.  Future Man is about  A janitor saving humanity from aliens…you know…as janitors tend to do.  Hopefully well get more of that fresh quality in season 2.

Origin (YouTube)

Youtube Red is getting in on the Sci-Fi craze.  Origin is about A group of strangers struggle for survival aboard a spaceship heading to a distant planet.  It sounds like Syfy’s Ascension but slightly different.  Other than the small blurb, there isnt much to go off of.

Hype Engine: Half Impulse

Channel Zero (Syfy)

Channel Zero, A show based off a popular creepypasta, is going into season 4.  From the looks of it, this show is on it’s last leg.  Viewer ship has been down the last two seasons. The show is basically the twilight zone…for creepypasta.  It sounds interesting enough for a few seasons, perhaps the novelty just wore off too quickly

Hype Engine: Warp 2

Honorable Mention:  Cosmos Season 2 (Fox)


Hype Engine: 9.800000000001