STAR WARS: Making the Case for Jar Jar Binks


Naiveté and Complacency

Jar Jar Binks Thus begins his path of development. Though still silly and superfluous, Jar Jar grows into his role and eventually becomes part of Senator Amidala’s entourage. He mingles with Jedi and politicians, learning the ways of the galactic politics and interaction. Jar Jar grows, as did the Republic, but does so with a lingering innocence and naiveté that prevents him from understanding what’s truly happening around him. Such is the case with the Senate. It continued to churn along under the misguided notion that it too was learning, growing, and doing what’s best. JAr Jar Binks All the while, both Gungan and Galactic Senate remained blissfully unaware of the consequences their actions would later bring. And as much as the Jedi served as protectors of Jar Jar (Obi Wan and Anakin) and of the Republic, even they were unable to sense the growing threat to all of them.