New images for the Aquaman movie have been found in an unexpected place, a coloring book.  Low resolution images have surfaced on the Internet showing the covers of upcoming Aquaman colouring and activity books.  They are the first sneak peek at Aquaman’s new costume.

The Images

A teaser poster for the Aquaman movie was released in July and the first trailer for Aquaman premiered at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.  It was released on the Internet the same day.  However, no new promotional images have come out since.  With the Aquaman movie only four months away from release, retailers are finally getting promotional material for the upcoming film.

The Costume

The pictures on the coloring and activity books show off Aquaman’s new costume.  The film’s star Jason Momoa appears to be wearing armor based on his classic comic book appearance.  He has a shirt of orangish-gold scalemail armor and green leather gloves.  Fans have known Aquaman would wear his original costume in the upcoming movie, but Warner Bros hadn’t shown any images until now.

The Hero

Aquaman first appeared in 1941’s More Fun Comics #73 as a back-up feature in the anthology.  Then he got his own comic book and become a founding member of the Justice League in 1960.  Aquaman would have been a normal comic book hero, unknown to the general public, if not for his infamous Super Friends appearances.

The Super Friends cartoon introduced the character to a wider audience, but as a weaker more comical version.  While every other superhero in the show eventually overcame this stigma, Aquaman has remained a joke to the general public.  So, in the 1990’s, the comic books tried to unsuccessfully overcome this by giving him a hook-hand, beard, and bare-chested costume.  DC eventually returned the character to his original clean-cut appearance in the early 2000’s.

The New 52

In 2011, DC relaunched all their titles, including Aquaman.  Renowned comic book writer Geoff Johns responded to every criticism of Aquaman in the first issue.  So, the critics applauded this take on the classic character and the series flourished under Johns storytelling.  Aquaman’s rehabilitation in the comics coincided with his return to mainstream media in 2017’s Justice League film.

Justice League

In Justice League, Jason Momoa played Aquaman as a taciturn rebel who begrudgingly joins the team.  So, the filmmakers changed the character’s normally clean-cut appearance into a rough, bearded, long-haired, tattooed look.  It is very similar to the makeover Aquaman received in the 1990’s.  Warner Bros is hoping this new Aquaman movie will resonate with audiences. Thus, turning him from a joke into a profitable brand.

Aquaman hits theaters December 21, 2018.