German publishing house Taschen is known for its stunning volumes on art and architecture, its books works of art themselves. Now the publishing giant is taking on the galaxy far, far away with its latest offering: The Star Wars Archives.

The 600-plus page, double extra-large format compilation focusses on the original trilogy and its production from 1977-1983. Taschen is publishing the book both with George Lucas’s blessing and his collaboration. The coffee table tome just may be the biggest and best compilation of original trilogy history outside of the actual Lucasfilm archives.

Star Wars Archives

Ralph McQuarrie original ‘Star Wars’ concept art. (Image: Lucasfilm ltd.)

Although the official Taschen website doesn’t list a release date, Hypebeast claims The Star Wars Archives will be available November 15 of this year. With the voluminous wealth of information the book will hold, there will be pre-orders aplenty.

The Star Wars Archives: 1977-1983

Right now there is more divisiveness among the Star Wars fans base than there ever has been before. Taschen is smartly limiting the first volume of the Star Wars Archives to a focus on the original trilogy. I use the term “limiting” lightly. As the publisher notes:

The book is profusely illustrated with script pages, production documents, concept art, storyboards, on-set photography, stills, and posters.”

Star Wars Archives

Ralph McQuarrie concept art for ‘Empire Strikes Back’. (Image: Lucasfilm ltd.)

That of course includes Ralph McQuarrie’s otherworldly concept art upon which the entire Star Wars universe is based. The archival collection also contains an exclusive interview with the father of Star Wars himself, George Lucas.

Star Wars Archives

Carrie Fisher’s Ep. V script with handwritten notes. (Photo: Profiles in History/BNPS)

The Star Wars Archives is just the latest in a list of Star Wars printed works to come out this year. This spring Random House put out Last Shot (a Han and Lando buddy epic). Chronicle Books followed, releasing The Rebel Files in book-only format in early July. The big release, however, came when Del Ray dropped Thrawn Alliances. These are all fictional works, of course, whereas Archives is a goldmine of historical Star Wars detail, data and drama.

Though the book is pricey ($190-200), I’m sure for any die-hard fan of the original trilogy, it will be well worth it.

Source: Taschen; Hypebeast