On September 4th, William Shatner will release his new book, Live Long And… What I Might Have Learned Along The Way. The book dives into Shatner’s view of the meaning of life and what he’s learned in his many years in front of, behind, and completely away from the camera.


In an excerpt revealed by the website TrekMovie, Shatner discusses what he feels went wrong with Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and why directing it may have been a mistake. The film finds the ship taken over by Spock’s half-brother Sybok in an attempt to breach the Galactic Barrier at the center of the universe where he believes God to reside. Sybock is able to persuade people to join him by taking their pain away in some sort of Mind Meld type procedure in which his victim relives their darkest moments and finds themselves free of all guilt and anger and more than willing to do his bidding.

Star Trek V - Sybok In Commend

The film received a lot of backlash for its overtly religious overtones and nearly killed the franchise. Luckily, Star Trek: The Next Generation was two seasons in and finding its footing after a rocky first season and was able to lift up the franchise for several years to come. In his book, Shatner reveals that his original intention was for the crew to discover that this god was actually Satan and for them to battle the devil. He believes that his decision to agree to the changes the studio requested “doomed the picture from the beginning”. While it would be hard to prove him right or wrong now, almost 3 years after the film’s release, personally, I’m not so sure that his original concept would have been much, if any, better.

Sybok meets "God" in the William Shatner directed Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Recently William Shatner has been making waves on Twitter, arguing with Trolls, blocking Jason Isaacs, and pushing an effort to get Carrie Fisher a star on Hollywood Blvd. He’s also expressed interest in returning to Star Trek, at least for a cameo, in Quentin Tarantino’s future R-rated Star Trek film. Considering Patrick Stewart is 78 years old and getting a whole new series centered on Captain Jean-Luc Picard, there’s no reason why Shatner, 9 years his senior, shouldn’t be able to have at minimum a cameo in a future Trek project.

William Shatner as Captain Kirk questions why "God" would need a Starship in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

So, what do you guys think? Would Shatner’s original concept for Star Trek V have been better than what ended up being made? Do you think a different Director could have saved that film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Make sure to keep checking back in with us for more information on the various Trek projects currently in development as it’s released.