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10 Laws You Can Break From Your Safe Room During The Purge

3) Calling People On The Do Not Call List

FTC LAW 16 CFR Part 310

Whether you’re a telemarketer, a bank of telemarketers, or just looking to annoy people, now’s your chance to crank up those auto-dial machines and crank out irritation to your heart’s content. Look, you might not be getting away with murder, but there are very few illegal acts that can set-off cranky blue-collar dads like the phone ringing during dinner.

Ring, ring, suckers!!!!

Special thanks to our paralegal, steambunnyproductions, for this one.

4) Singing Happy Birthday, Fanfic, and Other Copyright Infringement.

17 U.S. Code Chapter 5 – COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT AND REMEDIES § 501 – Infringement of copyright

This is your big chance to finally record that amazing, soulful, rendition of “Happy Birthday” and stick it to Warner/Chappell’s copyright lawyers. Print, publish, and sell all that hot and steamy Steven Universe fan-fic you’ve been writing up on that sticky keyboard of yours! Finally, remake The Force Awakens the way it should have been! For 12 hours you can go nuts; stealing, ruining, messing with, and otherwise destroying other people’s creative IP!

And for the record, yes I know that in 2016, Warner/Chappell’s copyright claim was declared invalid in our world, but in the world of The Purge, the judge ruled in Warner/Chappell’s favor and it has become a lawsuit goldmine for the company. That world is way darker then we could ever imagine.


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