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10 Laws You Can Break From Your Safe Room During The Purge

7) Bootlegging/Pirating Movies and Music

U.S.C. sections amended: 17 USC 101, 506, 507; 18 USC 2319, 2320; 28 USC 1498

Yes, this is technically copyright infringement, but we are specifically talking about the acts of bootlegging, pirating, selling, downloading, sharing, napstering, films and music, denying the artists and industry millions of dollars in revenue.  Also, it’s tons of fun and we’ve all done it or would do it given the chance! So, on purge night, get those links a popping and keys a clickin’ as you download hours of your fav tunes and flicks!

Special thanks to our paralegal, Kat Bloodgood, for this one.

Bonus Law breaking!

41 CFR Section 128-1.5009

Pirating the Anti-Pirating Law Sign/Badge!  Apparently, that act has its OWN law!! So, get some bonus points while you can!

8) Performing Medicine or Law without a license

Business and Professions Code – BPC DIVISION 2. HEALING ARTS [500 – 4999.129]  (Division 2 enacted by Stats. 1937, Ch. 399.) CHAPTER 5. Medicine [2000 – 2525.5]  ( Chapter 5 repealed and added by Stats. 1980, Ch. 1313, Sec. 2. )

Always wanted to be a doctor or lawyer but didn’t want to go through all that “school stuff”, well, tonight it your night! Dust off that Sexy Doctor, nurse, lawyer(?) outfit and get to practicing! Granted, you could be outside performing appendectomies and courtroom closing arguments, but there are plenty of ways to give bad legal advice, prescriptions, diagnosis, or forge legal documents, or lists about breaking laws from your safe room.

Special thanks to our paralegal, Cory Yee, for this one.

Dr.Hashtag, Dr.Hashtag to the next link…