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10 Laws You Can Break From Your Safe Room During The Purge

9) Slander

Civ. Code §§ 45, 46
What better way to release all your internet rage and frustration while sipping a 7-11 Big Gulp and eating Cheetos than to straight up slander those you think have wronged you by just existing. You can claim anyone has done anything without any form of evidence, facts, or repercussions for actions cause it’s the Purge, baby!!! This becomes a field day for all those keyboard anger junkies looking lie to their heart’s content so they can start and throw shit at someone and anyone!

Special thanks to our paralegal, Keith Del Mar, for this one.

10) Tax Fraud
CA Revenue & Taxation Code Sections 19705 & 19706
You’re a big Corp, you get a giant safe room, toss a bunch of dodgy tax lawyers in there and have them cook the books all night long while pumping that one Lionel Richie song (I forget the name)!  Bet part, once their done you make them kill each other, cause its the Purge, BABY!!!!

****Special thanks to the brave men and women on The That Hashtag Show Slack page for your generous ideas, lack of respect for the law, and general mockery to my suggestions. I’d also like to thank the two unnamed attorneys who patiently helped, answered my annoying questions, and shook their heads slowly at me.

Purge on my brothers and sisters, Purge on.