Power Rangers Turbo may not have been Tommy Oliver’s most popular Ranger incarnation but many fans were wondering why Tommy didn’t “Shift into Turbo” using his Master Morpher. It looks like the Red Turbo Ranger is going to be saved for Tommy’s final battle.

In an Instagram post it seemed like Jason David Frank cleared up a few things we’ll be seeing in Boom Studio! Soul of the Dragon graphic novel.


While many fans have speculated on the Master Morpher, it seems like we might see how Tommy acquired it. Soul of the Dragon will see Tommy go on his final mission as a Ranger as his son goes missing and he’ll be discovering the secrets of his past to save his future. It sounds like Tommy will be getting his Master Morpher in this series or at least it’ll be touched upon. Here’s what writer Kyle Higgins had to say about the series.

“It’s rare that we’re able to tell stories about pop culture heroes at this critical juncture in their lives—and there’s few who’ve been as big a pop culture phenomenon as Tommy Oliver,” said Kyle Higgins. “As a fan of the original sixth Ranger, it’s an incredible honor for me to explore this untold chapter of Tommy Oliver: Power Ranger.”

We’re looking forward to seeing Tommy’s last adventure, especially after seeing the character return for a great anniversary episode on Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, Dimensions in Danger.

The original graphic novel from Boom Studios! Soul of the Dragon will hit shelves in December 2018.