Joe and Ro made some great points on last night’s show, which you can see below if you missed it. In particular, they noted just how much Star Wars is driven by the fans, and the feelings that Star Wars gives us in return. Disney and Lucasfilm (discounting The Last Jedi’s divisiveness) have, by and large, made tremendous efforts to include the fans and their desires in the Star Wars franchise. The important lesson here? Don’t stop voicing your opinions, sharing your desires, and embracing all that is Star Wars. So where am I going with this?  I’m trying to get Dash Rendar into cannon, of course.

As discussed on Sunday’s Star Wars Fanatics, JJ Abrams is no stranger to nostalgia in favor of the fans. Dave Filoni even cited fan desire as the driving force in resurrecting The Clone Wars. There are awards for Star Wars fan-made media, and even Poe himself, Oscaar Isaac encouraged fans to keep letting Lucasfilm know what you want to see in Star Wars. And I say why not Rendar?

Bringing Dash Rendar (Back) into Cannon


Dash rendar

Dash Rendar is a pilot and smuggler extraordinaire cut from the same Corellian cloth as Han Solo. He features heavily in the Legends works (especially  the Shadows of the Empire book and video game) and rapidly became a fan-favorite. Perhaps most notably, Lando Calrissian hired the swashbuckler to track down Han Solo after Boba Fett jetted away from Cloud City with Leia’s love in his cargo hold.

Regardless of what source you read, Dash Rendar is a brash, cocky, and extremely talented pilot. He even helms a Corellian freighter, a YT-2400 that’s become as adored as Rendar: The Outrider. I mean, who doesn’t love a swaggering smuggler in a Corellian freighter?

The Outrider

Now, I say bring Dash Rendar “back” into canon. He’s technically already made an appearance, anyway. Those with a keen eye will catch the Outrider blasting away from Mos Eisley in the background in the Special Edition of Episode IV as Luke, Obi-Wan and the droids take their speeder into town.

Dash Rendar

Dash Rendar blasts out of Mos Eisley in the Outrider in the Special Edition of ‘A New Hope’.

I remain skeptical that Rian Johnson’s new trilogy will, in fact, move forward. Notwithstanding, if it does, can you think of a better main character to anchor those films?

If not Dash Rendar, what Legends characters would you like to see in the new films?