Dominic Monaghan ready for work.

Dominic Monaghan’s role in Episode IX is still a mystery. But, that did not stop him from posting on Instagram about how excited he felt for his first day of filming. Monaghan has been waiting for this day for some time. He expressed in 2014 that he wanted to work with JJ Abrams in the Star Wars Saga. Monaghan has worked with Abrams before on the T.V. series Lost. Well Monaghan got his wish, and will be reuniting with JJ Abrams to conclude the Skywalker Saga in Episode IX.

Dominic Monaghan’s excitement about his first day at work was posted on his Instagram account. With a picture of a Darth Vader mug Monaghan posted: “Heading to work. Correction, heading to the best job ever. @starwars @jjabramsoffical #becurious.”
monaghan tweet

What new characters will we see?

Just like the beginning stages of past Star Wars movies, very little is known about Episode IX. What we do know is that Dominic Monaghan isn’t the only new actor on the set. He will be joined by fellow Star Wars rookies Richard Grant, Naomi Ackie, and Keri Russell. These new faces will also be working with returning Star Wars veterans Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, and Adam Driver. They will be also be working with Billy Dee Williams reprising his role as Lando Calrissian.

With these new and returning characters what will Episode IX have in store for us? Will we see new villains and heroes, or will existing characters from the Star Wars storyline make a return appearance. Whatever does happen Star Wars fans everywhere are waiting to see how JJ Abrams will end the Skywalker Saga.


Star Wars Episode IX is scheduled in theaters December 2019. So, stayed tuned as we know there will be many updates and breaking news before then. So let me know what you think will happen in Episode IX and what will Dominic Monaghan’s role will be. Leave your theories in the comments or hit me up on twitter @starwarsnerd574.