The 2017 Power Rangers movie may not have been the splash that both Saban and Lionsgate were hoping for, but for the fans, it was something they loved and Hasbro will be making a followup to the 2017 movie, but Power/Rangers creator Adi Shankar had an idea for his own Power Rangers movie.

While at this year’s Power Morphicon, Shankar was talking to, and he had brought up his own idea for a Power Rangers movie.

I really liked the idea of a civil war amongst the Power Rangers. That was actually my pitch for the movie that I never told anyone because it just got too crazy.”

He hasn’t pitched this idea to anyone yet, but he does have a pretty good idea as to what the movie could be.

Yeah, ’cause I wanted to do a movie called ‘Power Rangers: Civil War,’ where it’s basically like The Raid, but it’s this young recruit. Cause then the Power Rangers are this global establishment, and at a certain point it becomes incorporated, and there’s a lot of people with Power Coins and s***. And then, yeah, there’s a little kid, and you realize the Rangers have been corrupted. But it’s not good versus evil, it’s just warring ideologies, and how to govern, how to militarize.

It does deal with some heavy themes, but that doesn’t mean that the action sequences will be missing. Shankar described one specifically with the Tigerzord:

It ended with… not ended, but it had this battle scene where he basically has this Tigerzord, and he has to take down a Megazord, so he loads up a bunch of nukes into the Tigerzord, and he rides in. He’s not piloting it, he’s standing on top of it, and he backflips off of it and lands on a building while the Zord plows into a thing and goes boom and nukes a Megazord.

Now, this is a very far cry from what the 2017 movie ended up being but some of the seasons like Lightspeed Rescue and S.P.D dealt with the Ranger team being some kind of government-run institution, but the series has never gone this far with the premise.