The leader of the Titans spin-off Doom Patrol has finally been cast – or in this case, re-cast – as former James Bond star Timothy Dalton has landed the role of The Chief! The Hollywood Reporter revealed today that the Penny Dreadful alum is officially joining the next live-action series from DC Universe, as Dr. Niles Caulder a.k.a. Chief.

The casting comes right on time as the series has officially started rolling the cameras as of last week in Atlanta, Georgia. DC Universe and Warner Bros. TV describe the character as follows:

“A pioneer in medical science, searching the world over for those on the edge of death in need of a miracle. Brilliant but controversial, Dr. Caulder will stop at nothing to help those he believes are in need, including his collection of strange heroes known as the Doom Patrol. “

While most of the reports didn’t mention it, Dalton will actually be taking over the role from Bruno Bichir, who will portray the Chief in a number of episodes for Titans. That is where we will first see the Doom Patrol as Elasti-Girl (April Bowlby), Negative Man (Dwain Murphy), and Robotman (Jake Michaels) will bring the characters to life in the Teen Titans live-action adaptation. They will first appear in the fifth episode, titled after the group, and it is said some of them may appear again before Season 1 is over.

It still remains unclear what lead to the recasting, whether or not Bichir wasn’t interested in continuing with the role or if there was a different reason. After their appearance there, they will start in the spin-off where Brendan Fraser will play Robotman in flashbacks and voice him while another actor is in the suit. No voice actor has been announced yet for Negative Man, however. Elasti-Girl will also go over to Elasti-Woman in the spin-off series that will feature another member from the comics, Crazy Jane, played by Diane Guerrero. Alan Tudyk will portray Mr. Nobody, the big bad of the first season. Joivan Wade will also appear as a series regular, portraying the role of Vic Stone a.k.a. Cyborg.

Doom Patrol Season 1, which consists of 13 episodes, will debut sometime in 2019, only on DC Universe.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter