Nintendo announced this morning on their Twitter that they are hosting a Nintendo Direct tomorrow to show off 35 minutes of exciting new games coming for both the Switch and the 3DS.

With it being 35 minutes long, that’s enough time for some gameplay on some already announced games, and for trailers to drop for new games that are getting released.

Games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s go Evvee are getting released soon, and it would be cool to get some more gameplay for both of them. One game, in particular, Metroid Prime 4, hasn’t had anything new announced for it since E3 2015, so hopefully, Nintendo can announce something for it.

As for the 3DS, it is currently unknown what games will be announced for it. But it will cool to see what upcoming games the 3DS will be getting.

The Direct is starting at 3 PM PST, and you will be able to watch on both Nintendo’s official website and their Twitch channel.

Source: Game Rant