TERA’s Ninja Strikes On Consoles September 18!


En Masse Entertainment announced today that on September 18TERA will introduce a new character class to players on Xbox One and PlayStation®4– the ninja!

A nimble strategist who relies on guerilla tactics and misdirection to confuse and decimate her foes, the ninja is a swift, silent, and shuriken-wielding character who brings deadly force to the fray. This unseen threat uses hit-and-run tactics, evasive maneuvers, and the ability to channel her Chi into blazing fire, to incinerate her enemies.

Adding the ninja class to Xbox One and PlayStation®4 is the latest in a steady flow of En Masse’s promised content and updates to TERA, and like previous updates, the ninja is completely free to all players.

For more information on the ninja, including class overviews, please visit the official site tera.enmasse.com and follow the game on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.