The 10 Best Worst Science Fiction Films By Generation: The Silent Era


3) L’Inhumaine, (the inhuman woman), 1924

Oh Boy, this one is mind boggling. Lots of beautiful broll mixed in with a bannanas script. A young woman is being courted by 2 guys; a Tom Hiddleston look-alike and a scientist. She openly mocks their affections and the nerdy scientist kills himself. She doesn’t give 2 F’s so she goes to a concert where people boo her cause she’s so cold. She goes to see dead-nerd’s body and confesses her love and lo-and-behold he was faking it!!! Realizing they are both terrible human beings they are about to run off together when Tom Hiddleston shows up and gets a snake to bite her and she dies.  Where’s the science fiction here you ask? Well, Not-dead-nerdy science guy brings her body back to his lab and revives her with his brand new science!! Shot exquisitely, this movie is aweful.

4)  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, 1910

Not that Wizard of Oz, this one!

Any movie made simply to fill contractual obligation and without any of the original author’s input is going to be great right!?!

In this spectacular debacle, the wicked witch “Momba” er… yeah, this is gonna get weird… has a contract dispute with the Emerald City as the Wizard is retiring, then Eureka the cat comes in, and the scarecrow becomes king of OZ.

Not Joking about any of that.