The 10 Best Worst Science Fiction Films By Generation: The Silent Era


7) L’Atlantide (Atlantis), 1921

The 1920 man’s fantasy film; 2 Bro’s get lost in the desert and discover Atlantis… IN THE DESERT.  Anyway, then the super-hot immortal queen takes them as her captives/sex-slaves. One Bro- goes love-crazy and kills the other Bro, then escapes back to Paris where he finds no repercussions for his actions. So he gets a new Bro to come back to the desert to look for Atlantis again.  This can all be summed up by a critic named Louis Delluc, who wrote “There is one great actor in this film, that is the sand”

8) Paris Qui Dort (The Crazy Ray), 1924

Yes, the American translation is not a translation at all, the original title being closer to “Paris That sleeps”, but the plot of this film doesn’t translate well either (eh! See what I did there?!)  There’s a machine that freezes people in embarrassing positions and that’s just about it. Like an SNL sketch, you get the joke and it goes on waaaaay too long.