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Disneyland To Remove Alcohol Ban for STAR WARS: Galaxy’s Edge

Attention all scruffy looking nerf-herders! Disneyland has big news for us lowlife smugglers – not only will Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge feature a Cantina, it will also serve alcohol! After all, a hearty round of Sabacc calls for a stiff drink.

Previously, in the park’s 60+ year history, there was only one location in Disneyland that served alcohol – the secretive, members only Club 33. The new park expansion will feature “Oga’s Cantina” – a actual working bar. This news may not come as a surprise to all after the changes recently made to Florida’s Magic Kingdom.

For 41 years the Magic Kingdom was a dry park, but in 2012 the newly opened “Be Our Guest” restaurant began serving alcohol with dinner. Then, in 2016, Disney expanded it’s serving areas to “Tony’s Town Square Restaurant”, “Liberty Tree Tavern”, “Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen”, and “Cinderella’s Royal Table” – as of 2018 Disney expanded alcohol to all sit down restaurants at the Magic Kingdom. It looks as though Disneyland might be on a similar path.

This mega announcement made on August 30th, via the Disney Park’s blog, says that “adult libations” will be served as, “concoctions created with exotic ingredients using ‘otherworldly’ methods, served in unique vessels…Visitors come to this notorious local watering hole to unwind, conduct shady business, and maybe even encounter a friend…or a foe. Run by an intriguing alien proprietor, Oga Garra, the cantina adheres to a strict code of conduct that tries to keep its unruly patrons in check. But with a history of being a smugglers’ safe haven and a popular stopping point for those seeking to avoid the authorities, you can bet that the cantina has a story or two to tell.”

It sounds like a great combination of Mos Eisley’s cantina and and Maz Kanata’s place.

Although Disneyland has been a dry park since its inception, Disney’s California Adventure has served alcohol and made a lot of money by serving wine, beer, and seasonal cocktails. While it’s a heavily debated topic among fans of the parks, the changes are coming! We wonder how you say ‘cheers’ in Wookiee.


By Ben Wolf

Long time fantasy/sci-fi lover who loves to write in his spare time. Avid movie lover and game player.