Dune Reboot Eyeing Rebecca Ferguson For Lead


The Denis Villeneuve led Dune reboot, is looking to cast Rebecca Ferguson in lead role. If she accepts, she’d be Lady Jessica, the mother of Paul Atreides. Ferguson most recently starred opposite Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Fallout, the 6th film in the franchise.

Rebecca Ferguson in talks for Dune Reboot

Timothee Chalamet who is known to the Sci-Fi crowd for his role in Interstellar, is taking on the role of Paul. Chalamet will next be seen in Woody Allen’s A Rainy Day in New York and David Michod’s The King. Chalamet had also been on the shortlist for the role of Spider-Man, which ultimately went to Tom Holland.

David Lynch considers the original 1984 film to be his worst failure and when the extended cut was created for TV, he demanded his name be removed and replaced with ‘Alan Smithee’ a generic pseudonym used by several screenwriters for projects they don’t want their name attached to.

The Sci Fi Channel's Children of Dune

When Syfy was still The Sci Fi Channel, back in 2000, they revived the franchise for a limited 3 episode series starring William Hurt, it turned out to be a critical success and spawned a second mini-series called Children of Dune with James McAvoy and Susan Sarandon in starring roles.

The new film is expected to go into production in early 2019, there’s no release date scheduled as of yet, but we can expect a lengthy post-production cycle which will probably see the film released in the Summer of 2020.