Sophia the Robot Makes First Comic Con Appearance


Artificially intelligent humanoid robot, Sophia, will make her first comic convention appearance at the first annual Ogden UnCon June 7-9, 2019. Sophia the Robot, the masterpiece of Hanson Robotics (, has captivated nations and has become an internet sensation. Sophia has met with world leaders, addressed the United Nations, appeared on TV shows such as The Daily Show and The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and has graced the cover of CosmopolitanELLE magazine, and more.  Now, this modern marvel is coming to Ogden, Utah to meet her fans and kick off Ogden UnCon’s first event.

Ever since her unveiling in 2016, Sophia has quickly rocketed to stardom. Sophia is Hanson Robotics’ most advanced human-like robot, created by combining breakthrough innovations in robotics, AI, and artistry. The epitome of artificial intelligence, Sophia is endowed with remarkable expressiveness, aesthetics, and interactivity, and can simulate a full range of facial expressions, track and recognize faces, and hold natural conversations with people.

Just like Ogden UnCon, Sophia shares a remarkable, unique and unexpected story that captivates and surprises, making her the perfect headliner for our inaugural year.

“Sophia is the personification of the comic con spirit.” says Russ Adams, Ogden UnCon founder.  “She is science fiction, fantasy, technological marvel, and superhero come to life. And we are honored she is making her geek-dom debut at Ogden UnCon.”

Fans attending Ogden UnCon will have the chance to engage with Sophia as she greets them on celebrity row, performs on multiple panels and parties with other celebrities and VIP ticket holders at the UnCon VIP Party. Other celebrities such as Naomi Grossman of American Horror Story, Amy Hill of Preacher, Neil Kaplan of Voltron: Legendary Defenders, and many more who have yet to be announced, also round out the show’s guest list.

“Ogden UnCon is going to be a huge event for Ogden,” shares Ogden Downtown Alliance’s Danielle Collier, “not only will it bring guests to share in all Ogden has to offer, but it will drive our local economy, add excitement in a different realm and create an opportunity to celebrate arts and culture.” This three-day event will bring $700,000 in economic impact to local businesses.

Ogden UnCon is focused on bringing unconventional shows, panels, workshops and celebrity guests to Northern Utah. As Ogden’s “Untamed & Unconventional” popular culture con, this convention seeks to inspire and support local artists while entertaining and thrilling our community.