Get your head in the game High School Musical fans! Disney has released a ton of new information for their High School Musical series coming to their streaming service, Disney Play

Officially named “High School Musical: The Musical,” the show will span 10 episode and be presented as a docu-series. According to the official show description the series, “follows a group of students at East High who stage a performance of “High School Musical” for their winter theater production, only to realize that as much drama happens offstage as onstage.” 

High School Musical: The Musical will incorporate a song from the High School Musical film trilogy, as well as original music. Back in May, it was announced that Tim Federle (Ferdinand) will be the writer and EP for the series. We now know that Oliver Goldstick (Pretty Little Liars) will be jumping on as an executive producer for the series as well.

High School Musical: The Musical is currently casting spearheaded by Casting Director Julie Ashton (Will & Grace, Wrecked) and there is a brand new cast of characters to fall in love with! 

Starting with RICKY – say hello to your new Zac Efron. Ricky is a snarky sweetheart, charming class clown, who was voted “Most likely to sleep through his alarm”, and is our star. After being unexpectedly dumped by Nini, Ricky decides he’s going to try and get her back by auditioning to star opposite her in the school’s production of High School Musical

Next, we have NINI – the heartbreaker and the other star. She was voted “Most likely to have a HAMILTON lyric as her senior quote” – she’s kinda like Gabriella and Sharpay Evans had a baby. Formerly relegated to the chorus of her school’s musicals, Nini just got back from summer camp, where she found her voice (and confidence) after playing the lead in The Music Man – she also found a new boyfriend at camp…hence the breakup with Ricky. Oh, the drama. 

The other man, aka Nini’s new boyfriend, E.J., voted “Most likely to report another student for cheating on a test.” EJ is the son of two high-powered corporate attorneys, and he is supremely confident – and the type of ambitious “entrepre-nerd” who always brings homemade props to auditions. Don’t cross E.J. if you get something he wants – like a starring role, opposite “his” girl Nini. 

Then we have ASHLYN, EJ’s cousin – voted “Most likely to read your palm.” Ashlyn is brash and gutsy, aspiring singer-songwriter, as well as a woo-woo horoscope reader. She’s working on finding her place in the school hierarchy – or at least trying to. 

Don’t ever call her an understudy, just call her a “wonderstudy” GINA aka your new Sharpay! Voted “Most likely to push you down a flight of stairs”,  Gina’s the polished pro with an Equity card and the unwavering belief that the drama teacher made a HUGE mistake not casting her as a lead. Gina is an entitled princess, but her ambition pales in comparison with her stage mother’s. 

Every musical needs a choreographer and that’s where VIKRAM comes in. Voted “Most likely to stage a flash mob on a field trip”, Vikram is the captain of the color guard and the student choreographer of High School Musical. Vikram thinks of the drama teacher as a peer and he already has his Tony Award for Best Choreography speech written out. 

Last, but not least, we have MISS JENN, the high school’s new drama teacher. Miss Jenn is high-energy/low-reality and she truly believes that musicals can save lives. Miss Jenn would do anything for these kids, and after the school board denies her the $50,000 budget for this years musical, she forces Vikram to do a Kickstarter for the show. 

It’s exciting to see some familiar traits, as well as some new fun surprises. It seems like the show will be taking a different approach to the movies and I’m okay with that. As for the question, fans have been asking, “Will this series be connected to the 4th movie on the Disney Channel?” at this point it doesn’t look like that will happen, but it’s anyone’s guess. 

Source: Variety