Adapting a novel to film is always a difficult task. Too often key elements of the story are lost in translation. There just isn’t enough time in a two-hour time slot to delve into plot and character elements like you can with written works. But what happens when to try to take the process in reverse, and adapt a film to page? That’s precisely what author Mur Lafferty’s done with Solo: A Star Wars Story in her Solo novel.

Solo: A Star Wars Story, despite its title character, was nevertheless a bit of a disappointment for Disney at the box office. Ahead of the film’s upcoming Blu-ray release, however, Del Ray has released its adapted Solo novel by Mur Lafferty. In it, she takes what some called a lackluster story from the film and makes it shine in the reader’s hands.

Solo Novel Enhances the Solo Experience

Free of time and production constraints, Lafferty is able to expound upon the story we saw in theaters last May. Mur adds, as CNet notes, a bit more of Qi’ra’s backstory, detailing her years apart from Han. We also get to learn more of Han’s relationship with Chewie and Lando. Mur even makes Dryden Vos a bit more imposing than what Paul Bettany was able to convey on screen. And yes, we even get some more insight into *that* cameo at the end of the film.

Solo Novel

The Solo novelization isn’t Mur Lafferty’s first foray into the galaxy far, far away. Fans first began to appreciate her work with her contribution to From A Certain Point of View. (Del Ray published the compilation of Star Wars stories in October of last year.) The author provides explicitly detailed verbal imagery, and allows the Star Wars purists to imagine Han Solo as a young Harrison Ford.  Her characterization of Han is much more in keeping with the smuggler we’ve all come to know and love than was portrayed in the film.

Solo Novel

Mur Lafferty’s Solo novel, in short, is the Han Solo backstory we hoped to get with Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Solo novel is now available at book retailers everywhere. Solo: A Star Wars Story comes to Blu-ray on September 14.

Source: CNet