Karl Urban, the star of 2012’s Dredd, revealed that he is “interested in doing” the new Judge Dredd television series, Mega-City One.

Urban, who is known for his multiple roles in the sci-fi and fantasy genres, was celebrated for his gritty and no-nonsense take on the Judge Dredd character in a film that fans considered to be an accurate adaptation of the original comic book series. Despite Dredd’s successes a film sequel failed to materialize but fans rejoiced in May 2017 when a television series, Judge Dredd: Mega-City One, was announced to be in development.

TrekMovie.Com was at Trekonderoga 2018 where Urban was a guest and had this to say about the upcoming Mega-City One series:

“I’m not attached to it, although I did have a preliminary round of conversations with them. I am interested in doing it. There are a lot of great stories to tell there.”

He also went on the clarify that while Mega-City One is a series set in the Dredd universe, it would not be focused on Judge Dredd himself.

“Their idea for Mega-City One is was basically to build the show around more rookie judges and young, new judges and Dredd would come in and out and I said that I’ll do it, but it has to be done in a meaningful way. I can’t just come on and grunt and pull faces, there has to be a story there for him. There has to be a kind of little arc and a story we are trying to tell. So, we will see what they do.”

While some might be disappointed that Mega-City One won’t be centered on Judge Dredd it is encouraging that the series is making attempts to include the titular character and Urban himself.

However, no matter Karl Urban’s or the Judge Dredd character’s involvement, a show focused on a team of law-enforcement working in a dystopian landscape in the 22nd century is enough to make plenty tune in.