Hunting Season Opens September 14th, Get Your Popcorn Ready

In 1987, the horror/sci-fi world would never be the same after the release of one of the most iconic “alien” movies ever made for the big screen, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Predator”. What started out as a military movie about a group of soldiers tasked with rescuing hostages from a guerrilla controlled camp deep in an unspecified area of a jungle in Central America…. it turned into a movie of survival and horror as the group is attacked, hunted, by an alien being who’s main goal is to hunt other races for sport and trophies. So in honor of the upcoming film, “The Predator”, by Shane Black, who appeared in the original movie, here is a list of the top 5 best quotes from the 1987 sci-fi/horror flick.

5.”Dillon, You Son of a Bitch!”. This line is uttered by the muscle bound soldier known as Dutch, payed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he meets an old war buddy of his, Dillon, played by Carl Weather’s. Leading up to that moment, the two have quite the history, which was only a foreshadowing of how historical that bond would become.

4.”This Stuff Will Make You a Sexual Tyrannosaurus”. A scene in the movie has the group of soldiers for hire in a chopper flying over the Central American Jungle. When Blain, played by Jesse Ventura, offers up some chewing tobacco to the other guys, and they refuse, he spouts this famous line mocking the lack of “man”in his fellow comrades.

3. “Stick Around” After infiltrating the guerrilla camp, the group becomes engaged with the enemy. When one of them tries to run, Dutch sarcastically speaks these words, promptly followed by his machete impaling the guerrilla soldier to a large wood wall.

2. “You Are One..Ugly..Mother..’Fucker'”. During a climatic part of the film, as he is engaged in an insane battle with the Predator, Dutch sees the creature for what it is, without it’s camouflage ability engaged, or it’s mask locked over it’s face, and he realizes, it isn’t very pretty.

1. “If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It”. And finally, probably the greatest line spoken in the film, if not most films. Dutch is alerted by the female hostage/collateral that they removed the jungle camp, that the glowing substance found on the giant leaves of the fauna in the area is actually the Predator’s blood. He then realizes if the creature can bleed, it can also die.

So there you have it. 5 of the best lines from the original film. With a movie filmed with great one liners and quotes, are there any others that are your favorites? Watch the film again, and get ready to see the hunt evolved on September 14th, 2018.