What am I talking about this time: The Purge Series on USA, then rerun on SYFY to death.

Director by Anthony Hemingway

Created by James DeMonaco

Written by James DeMonaco,

Starring: Gabriel Chavarria, Hannah Emily Anderson, Jessica Garza

Run Time: 51min and 2 seconds, minus commercials… which are the best part.

Feels Like: 12 hours of being Purged upon by bad dialogue, acting, photography.

Overall Review: 0 out of 5 Purge Masks

Is It Worth Your Time? Ha ha ha ha ha, No

Review: I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. The Purge film series is by no means my favorite, but I enjoy it for what it is. They might not be the best films, but they have a great hook, maybe a little something to say, are fun, and underneath all of that are quality films. The acting, cinematography and content might not be Oscar worthy, but they use their money smartly and it shows on the screen.

This series is the opposite of that. SYFY is known for a few things, low budget, laughably bad TV Movies. USA actually tries hard to make quality with what they got, they might not always succeed, but they try. This is a combination of the worst parts of both these networks.

It’s like a bad fan film… but worse. Cause it isn’t, this is cannon- official franchise, made by Blumhouse and it stinks.

What is surprising is how every terrible element supports and mixes with the each other, creating and showcasing how much worse these individual problems are together. Every frame shouts low budget, which would be fine, but the cinematography seems hell bent on making the most bland decisions for every shot, as if to show off the lack of imagination and financial backing at the same time. If the lack of money doesn’t make it feel amateurish enough, the camera work screams “We havn’t graduated film school yet.”

The acting is just bad, made worse by the heavy exposition leaded into every monologue/conversation. “Hey Jane, how are you today. I’m fine, just very worried about the Purge that is about to happen because my mother is sick and I have to be at work and I’m not sure how to protect her and get that raise I need to keep the children’s hospital open because the rich board of directors wants to close it and turn it into a shopping mall, but they can’t because I have plans right here in this locked suitcase and the only person that has the key is someone I trust and would never ever turn their back on me in a shocking move.”

The stories you are following are varied, but so trite and uninteresting that it’s hard to care. The creators use violence, sex, and heroism in an attempt to drag your eyeballs up from your phone and fail at almost every turn.

When the Purge finally hits, the “craziness” is so sparse and slow moving it feels disjointed from the insanity of the film franchise. I’m sure it ramping up and will get bigger and maybe that will make the show better, but I have no interest to continue watching this series. If I’m stuck for something to have on while doing the dishes, I’ll put this on my watch list somewhere between the newest Sharknado and the third re-watch of the Gilmore Girls series.