See the source imageWhat a weekend of records and numbers!  Crazy Rich Asians is finally knocked out of the top spot, and by no small margin.  In an incredible and franchise record setting opening, The Nun opened to a gigantic $53.5 million box office.  This easily makes it the largest Conjuring franchise opening, over the very first The Conjuring, by over $10 million.  It also happens to make it the second largest September opening on record.  Granted it had  a ways to go to catch the record holder, It, at $123 million.  This run of movies is giving Warner Brothers a very successful run, the likes of which have not been seen for quite some time.  WB has held the #1 spot for 5 weeks in a row now on the backs of three different films.  It is the fourth weekend it has held the top two spots.  The last time this happened was 25 years ago.

After three solid weeks at #1,  Crazy Rich Asians finally drops to number two. CRA brought in yet another $13.6 million in its fourth week.  If you asked a studio if they would finance a film if it made x4 its budget in its first four weeks, I would think you would have most every studio jumping on it.

See the source imageOpening in the #3 hole is Peppermint.  Bringing in $13.2 million in its opening week is close to slightly above where it was expected.  The Jennifer Garner revenge flick received a B+ from Cinemascore, so audiences seem pleased with the film.

Solo Box Office

Hanging on to fourth place is the fish that won’t quit.   The Meg managed to swallow another $6 million over the weekend.  This helps the WB keep its stranglehold on three of the top four film slots for the weekend.

Finally we have Searching in its third week bringing in $4.5 million.  It managed a 24% drop from last weekend; However, it did also add about 800 new screens.

Pushed just out of the top 5 for the second time in its run, Mission Impossible: Fallout  did manage to break a record.  Fallout is now the highest grossing, world wide Tom Cruise movie ever!  Fallout $725 million world wide which knocks off his previous high with War of the Worlds by over $10 million.  If it manages a mere $3.3 million it will be the highest domestic gross of the MI franchise.

Next Week

There are four films coming out next week, but none will be bigger than The Predator.  Look for this film to not only once again slaughter the next special ops team it faces, but the box office as well.  Directed by Shane Black and starring Boyd Holbrook this looks to be a fun ride.

Also in wide release is A Simple Favor.  A thriller that Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick look creepy as hell in, look for this one to do well…short of the big ugly aliens.  Finally we also have Unbroken: The Path to Redemption and White Boy Rick.