How To Take Your Blogging To The Next Level


The facts are that blogging is still as popular as ever, for both people who write the blogs and those that read them. A staggering 23.7 million new blog pages are written each month with a colossal 409 million people viewing them. With blogs on every subject imaginable from Star Wars to comic books and beyond, there literally is something out there to satisfy everyone.

But what if you own a blog and are having trouble getting noticed? With so many blogs and news articles being posted each month, standing out from the internet noise is crucial. That can be tricky and at times fruitless if you do not know handy hacks to help you out. It is not as simple as putting up some new content and seeing viewers jump right on it. Although you may have the basics down, to really become blogging royalty then you need to find ways to take it to the next level.

Taking blogging to the next level

If you want to blast off into the galaxy with your blog like an online Millennium Falcon then you need to get some new tricks into your bag. The below tips are some really amazing ways to grab new traffic online and make sure everyone (including the search engines) knows you are there.

  • Learn about keywords – this is probably one of the main steps to progress with your blogging. You can write as many beautifully crafted articles as you like but if they do not contain the right keywords to rank highly in search engines, no one will ever find it. Use a tool like Google Keyword Planner to find keywords relevant to your content that you should be including.
  • Internal linking – another great SEO hack to help supercharge your blog is using internal linking. This is where you link to another relevant page on your own blog from the new article you are posting. Doing that helps to not only boost your search engine optimization but will also improve your page rank as you will get value from both the content and linked phrase. The key thing here is to make sure what phrase you link from and which page you link too actually makes sense.
  • Fresh, regular content – people and the search engines love regular content that is unique and fresh. Therefore, you need to take this into account when writing blog posts. After all, would you return to a blog that never posted anything new or interesting? Try to always find new subjects to cover or cover current ones with a new angle to make it as interesting as possible.
  • Online animated videos – video is a really powerful tool for any blog to help connect with the public and stay in their minds. Indeed, recent figures showed that 65% of people surveyed remembered information far better when paired with visual imagery. One great way to harness this for your blog is to create an innovative, memorable online animated video to post. Use an online animator to help make your video stand out from most other blogs on the internet.

Consider mobile – it is estimated that 80% of internet users own a smartphone. Many of them will use it to look at things online, such as blogs. This means that you must make sure your blog is fully optimized for mobile use in its design to attract all these potential visitors. There are many guides online to doing this easily as it revolves around things like the themes uses for your blog, font type & size, etc.

Don’t forget to use social media too

As you will be well aware, social media is kind of a big deal! Not only does it give you a chance to keep boredom at bay when you should be writing posts, but it also is a powerful promotional tool to use. To take your blogging into the stratosphere, make sure you always promote any new posts or content on your social media channels. That will help to drive more visitors to your blog and increase engagement along with helping to determine what type of content is most popular with the public.

Blog like a pro

The great thing about running your own blog is that anyone can do it. Setting up your very own is free, takes little technical expertise and it is lots of fun. If you are looking at ways to step it up though then the above should help. All of the tips we have looked at are not hard to implement and will have your blog pulling in tons of new visitors to hear what you have to say.