STAR WARS: What To Expect From Galaxy’s Edge/Dark Spire


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4 – Interactions

I think interactions with the surroundings and actors in their roles will be something special.  You won’t just go up and try to act smart to someone in the period clothes.  They will give you responses that feel like you are in a Star Wars world.  Droids, creatures, all of it will be authentic and mind blowing.  While strategically most of the interactions will be very human characters, mixed with some Twi’lek and other humanoid, easy to simulate creatures, do not be surprised to see a few exotic species.  I could almost see a creature bingo/hunt and seek.  “I got the Twi’Lek, stormtrooper and…hey where did you see the gran?!’ Disney does not skimp on quality so expect what they attempt to replicate will still be of the highest quality.