STAR WARS: What To Expect From Galaxy’s Edge/Dark Spire


6 – Lines and Crowds

7- Crowds and Lines

8 – Lines and Crowds

9 – Crowds of Lines in Crowds

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10 – Crowded Lines of Lines with Crowds in More Lines

And that will just be to get in.  I could keep going because you can guarantee that this theme park will be PACKED!  It will be packed not only for the opening year, but first several years at least.  If they do sufficient enough changes to mix in the new movie of the year, there will always be a reason to come back.  When Harry Potter World opened there were reports that lines just to get into the park could be as long as 8 hours.  I would double that at least for Galaxy’s Edge. Claustrophobic people need not show up.  It will be shoulder to shoulder and packed like Hutts in an A-Wing.  It will not be for the faint of heart.  Will the lines and headaches be worth it?  You better believe it!