The Finale of Castle Rock is just around the corner and, although the show itself is fantastic, I’m worried about the last episode. As I have previously expressed, Both King and JJ.Abrams have a history of crapping the bed in their final chapters. Or worse giving us no ending at all! In honor of this fear, I’d like to examine all the fantastic failures of Stephen King’s conclusions as we present the 10 worst Endings to Stephen King books.

Obviously, as we are talking about the endings of these books, there’s an obvious Spoiler Warning In Effect here.

1) IT

IT is one of the greatest monsters ever created; unstoppable and crazy scary. Which is why it sucks King really F’d up the final battle. After some truly horrifying scares, great character development, relatable hero moments, and heart wrenching backstories… they just get together and kick IT to death.

And that’s it.

The climax is crazy, as IT turns into a horrifying giant psychic spider monster.

I remember reading this thinking, “How the hell are they gonna beat this thing?!” Then they start kicking it and with a few, punches and stomps from a bunch of Losers, IT dies. You’d think this would just make a 10ft tall, child-eating, immortal, arachnid mad… but nope, IT just dies. Then they wake up a cationic actress with a bike ride. This was one of my first King books where after the last page I was left dumbfounded and disappointed… it would not be my last.

2) Under the Dome

You’d be hard pressed to find a Stephen King fan who doesn’t love this book… and hate the ending. A giant Dome appears over a small town and all of a sudden oxygen and everything else are running out; no one knows what’s happening or why and everyone is freaking out. The story is a wonderful mirror to our planet’s dwindling resources… then you find out it’s all a bunch of Alien teenagers playing a prank and so one of the telepathic humans (of course)

tells the “Leatherheads” to “scram, get off my lawn”. And it’s over.

Special thanks to ML for the “knock it off” joke.