Super Ninja Steel is coming to end in just a few short months, and the description for episode 20 had been released onto Twitter, thanks to user T1m3R_FR. They tweeted both the title of the episode and the spoiler-free version of the episode description.

Not this episode is premiering in France at the end of the month, and we’ll be getting it either sometime next month or in November.  With this small description, there could be so many different things that could entail in this episode.

Now, we know that since the beginning of this season, it has been Madam Odius’ mission to get all of the Ninja Stars and so far, we have seen her fail every time. But it seems possible that in the last episode that she might actually get all of the Ninja Stars and wreck havoc on Summer Cove. But it’s just a guess.

Source: Morphin Legacy