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Don’t Scream, But I Know We Have Two Reboots Coming

Reboots and Remakes is the name of the game in Hollywood and has been that way for the past couple of years. With successes like Warner Bros’ IT, MGM’s Creed, and Fox’s Planet of The Apes franchise this long running trend shows no signs of going away any time soon. When you get used to that fact, you have to decide which ones should be done (see Halloween), which ones are good (see The Dark Crystal Series),and those that make you go..why? (see Ghostbusters and Ocean’s 8). That being said…we have two more coming.

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With movies like Get Out, The Nun, and the fairly recent Paranormal Activity franchise, it’s clear that directors and producers, and fans alike, are pushing for a HMEU, (Horror Movies Expanded Universe). And yes, I still think we need more Freddy vs Jason type movies…I mean we got Freddy, Michael, Pinhead, etc….but I digress. Jason Blum, producer of the movie company Blumhouse, wants to see Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, to make their own comebacks with entries into the horror movies genre. It’s been a few years since these movies graced the big screen, but they are just as unforgettable as the likes of Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street!

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As a fan of horror, I’m both skeptical, yet excited, as these are two “fun”(?) franchises. Ghostface is as iconic as the hook holding fisherman, but making the stories new and fresh will be the task. There are two big problems with long running horror franchises…staleness and repetitiveness. Say for example Final Destination, and the aforementioned Paranormal Activity.

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With the main issue being rights to both franchises it will likely be some time before we get any development news. Blumhouse has laid plenty respect at the feet of their filmmakers, and from what we can see through the development of the Halloween reboot, fans would have nothing to fear here.

Source: Forbes