Rumors have drifted around that Darth Maul’s role was originally going to be bigger than the final few seconds it received at the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Audiences were shocked when Maul showed up at the end of the movie, but it can be said that his role was never more than it was.  Smaller? Perhaps.

Apparently the rumors started based off of what actor Ray Park said on Instagram when he responded to critics saying Maul looked too fatty.  Park talked about all of the training he went through for the role despite a hip injury he would later have surgery on.  Some thought this meant Maul was meant for more, and perhaps would see some action.

Park himself rebutted this, however, saying that he put in the extensive training knowing there would be no action required.  It has also been well documented that Director Ron Howard and writer Jonathan Kasdan did not have an exact person in mind until late in the production.  Several names were thrown around.  The role could have gone to anyone, but both Howard and Kasdan agreed they wanted Maul for the shadowy leader. With some pushing, they got what they wanted.

Maul was the perfect choice.  It shocked everyone, and carried a similar WOW! factor to that of Rogue One and Vader’s scene.  Those that did not follow Rebels or Clone Wars, were totally confused as to how he was even alive.  Those that knew he was alive were trying to puzzle out time lines and happenings to see if it was truly possible.  It also ties into the loose ends at the end of the movie and makes for a demand for Solo II.

Let’s back up for a second as well.  Maul looked fatty?!  How in the hell can Ray Park look “fatty”?  The idiots that were saying that have obviously never paid attention to Park’s Instagram account.  The guy is lifting weights, doing flips and more types of workouts than I could count.  Yes he has some ‘old guy weight’ that every man gets in their 40s gets, but the dude is in shape!  He was even doing partial workouts while he was recovering from his hip surgery!  If they did a Solo II, I have no doubt Rey could pull off all we could anticipate of old Maul and more.