Star Wars Episode IX production is underway, but we’re still a long ways away from December 20, 2019. Lately, it seems, there are as many theories about Rey’s lineage as there are days until the film’s release. Now, Even Kevin Smith is getting in on the action.


Kevin Smith

Many Star Wars fans were dissatisfied with Rian Johnson’s explanation in The Last Jedi that Rey’s parents were anonymous junk traders. Because of that, theories abound that Kylo Ren lied, and that Rey’s lineage is much more important. Kevin Smith and colleague Brian Volk-Weiss were discussing the subject on a recent broadcast, prompting Smith to go so far as to reach out JJ Abrams with the theory.

Kevin Smith Thinks He Knows Who is Rey’s Mother, Exactly?


Smith and Volk-Weiss discussed several topics, Uproxx tells us, including Star Wars: The Clone Wars returning for a seventh season. The pair also talked about Keri Russell’s casting…. That was when Volk-Weiss proposed his outlandish theory. As Smith explains, Volk-Weiss said to him:

“I got a theory that that’s the way to start introducing Ahsoka slowly into the live-action movies by bringing her back prominently in the cartoon.’ Because now that they don’t have Princess Leia stories to tell, they need another strong female character in the universe and Ahsoka’s been there for years, much beloved, just isn’t in the movies. So I was like, ‘I think maybe they’re doing that so they can slowly bring her into the movies.’”

Smith Continues:

“And then Brian blows my f*ckin’ mind by going, ‘Maybe that’s who Keri Russell’s playing?’ and then I said, ‘What the f*ck, man?! I wanna see your version of Star Wars!’ Then I was like, ‘No, that can’t be it, I think Keri Russell probably plays Rey’s mom,’ and then he f*ckin’ drops the bomb and he goes, ‘What if it’s the same person?’

So, instantly, I wrote to JJ Abrams, ‘You must do this.’ Could you imagine? That would be f*ckin’ wild.”

A little too wild, me thinks, Kevin. Set aside the fact that Ahsoka is a Togruta and Rey is decidedly human. We love Ahsoka as much as the next fan, however there are far less far-fetched means to bring her into the story than as Rey’s mother.

Kevin Smith confirmed that, as big as a fan as he is, he will not direct any future Star Wars films. If he thinks Ahsoka should be Rey’s mother, well…. Perhaps Kevin should stick to podcasting about Star Wars instead of directing it, after all.

Source: Uproxx