Apple’s yearly (iPhone) event went over big yesterday, heralding our first looks at the sleek new Apple Watch Series 4 and the new series of iPhone’s hitting the streets at the end of October.

These new devices all take another leap forward in tech and gadgetry, but what stood out beyond the usual next gen configurations was the awkward naming system Apple executive Phil Schiller has decided on using.

Sure, the new phones all sport an updated camera with improved True Tone flash, 3D Touch interfacing, and they continue to use the facial recognition software that has become synonymous with the iPhone X, but check out the naming system for their new lines.

The iPhone Xr starts at $749 and is the basic model for the next gen phone, arriving in all sorts of kooky colors; white, black, blue, yellow, coral, and Red. It’s smaller, but you still get that neat wireless charging support, the A12 Bionic chip, and the Face ID authentication.

The iPhone Xs starts at $999 and is the mid level model, while the same size as the Xr, it packs a lot more punch this one boasts the A12 processors, but it’s the first 7nm processor, meaning the speed is incredible.

The iPhone XS MAX (Sounds like an Energy drink) starts at $1099 and is the top level model, bigger and strong than is brethren with a 6.5-inch display and 2688×1242 resolution at 458 pixels-per-inch.

Now, here’s where things start to get out of hand…

The iPhone XMN is the first franchised Apple product, arriving with all of Fox’s X-Men movies pre-installed in it. The software wasn’t perfected at the time of the event as it just kept rebooting itself over and over.

The iPhone EX has a lot of personal touches and is completely customizable. One feature automatically locks your phone after a few drinks to prevent you from drunk dialing old flames.

The iPhone XU automatically gives you 10 points in Words With Friends or Scrabble.

The iPhone XTC just feels really great in your hand, just really great, ya know…

The iPhone X2, made in conjunction with Square Enix, with extra security, you have to cast Meteor to unlock the phone.

The iPhone XXX, look you know this was coming- How could an X list not go there right?! Well, this model comes with all of Vin Diesel’s filmography pre-programed into the phone, along with hundreds of hours of interviews. There isn’t any room for anything else in this phone because it’s processor is so juiced up. It runs Fast and Furious. What? What other type of XXX, where you thinking?

All the new iPhone’s will be available to pre-order on Sept. 14thand ship on Sept 21st, while the pre-orders for the iPhone XR are on October 19th and ship on October 26th .